Backed by two trusted iconic brands, we place reliability and quality of our supply at the forefront of our business. From customised solutions to urgent deliveries, we are committed to delivering the best experience to our customers.


Our deep and extensive network allows us to provide competitive pricing anywhere in the world as well as extend credit lines to our customers.




This joint venture company brings together the strengths of the two companies


Established in 2015, BP Sinopec Marine Fuels is a 50:50 marine fuels bunkering joint-venture between the oil majors, BP and Sinopec Fuel Oil.

Based in Singapore, we combine together the strengths of BP’s deep global experience and network in the marine supply business and integrate it with Sinopec’s expertise in China, giving our customers access to competitive supplies and pricing in Chinese locations.

We are committed to delivering quality supply and value-added services to our customers globally.

BP Sinopec Marine Fuels is a proud achiever of ISCC accreditation. ISCC certification for sustainable marine fuels ensures sustainability in feedstock production, traceability of sustainable products through the supply chain as well as credible, verified reductions of life cycle emissions.

Code of Conduct

The BP Sinopec Marine Fuels (BPSM) Code of Conduct sets out the expectation on how we perform and underpin all the work we do. This Code of Conduct describes the behavior BPSM expects of you and what you can expect of BPSM.

We are judged by how we act. Our reputation will be upheld if we act in accordance with the law and our Code. The Code applies to all BPSM employees, we encourage our business partners to share our commitment to safety and ethics and compliance. We expect and encourage all our contractors to act in a way that is consistent with the Code.

What is expected from BPSM:


We place the highest priority on the health and safety of our employees, and we continuously work towards improved safety and a better environment. We deeply care about our people; we will conduct all our activities in an environmentally responsible manner and in a manner that will minimize risks to the health and safety of employees and contractors.


We adhere to the highest professional standards. We earn and maintain the trust of our stakeholders by making good judgement in difficult situations. We expect all employees to uphold our reputation and always do the right thing, that is safe, ethical, and consistent with applicable laws and regulations, BPSM requirements, BPSM values and our HSSE goals.


We are committed to excel and improve by developing innovative solutions to our customers. We live in a dynamic and constantly changing environment and we will stay open minded, be creative as we embrace learning to continually improve.


We constantly explore and look for mutually beneficial and sustainable partnership. We expect our partners to be respectful, act professionally, demonstrate courtesy, consideration, and sensitivity. We work together with our partners to achieve solutions and breakthroughs that can benefit the industry and society.



With over 100 years in bunker supply both globally and in the Chinese markets, we bring deep expertise and unparalleled agility when it comes to solving our customers’ supply challenges.


Our strong global network of regional and local logistic partners allows us to craft bespoke and customised solutions for our customers.

From timing commitments and changing weather situations to urgent refuelling in a tight time- frame, we have a wealth of alternative solutions and supply possibilities to help our customers get their supply no matter the shifting conditions.


Backed by a strong team of oil traders and marketers, we combine best practices with a wealth of practical experience allowing us to deliver truly customised solutions for our customers.

From establishing a reliable supply of a wide range of marine fuels to helping secure competitive rates, we help our customers clinch the best prices for their needs, from spot supplies to long-term contracts.


Our Vision

To be the leading supply and trading organization in the region, offering superior bunkering services globally and energy solutions to our customers & business partners.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to delivering flexible solutions, exceptional products and value-added services with full transparency, accountability and integrity.

Our Commitment

Ensuring safety as an essential part of our commercial activities.

Expanding our elite team into the coverage of different products, offering specialised, value-added and consistent support to our partners.

Providing seamless operations and settlements processes to our valued clients.

Building mutually beneficial and sustainable partnership.

Our Products & Services

A Wealth Of Bunkering Services & Quality Marine Products At Your Fingertips

Our Bunkering Services


From Asia Pacific to Europe’s ARA region to the Pacific Northwest of America, we supply to ship owners reliably while upholding the highest operational standards and environmental considerations.

This is the list of ports that BPSM is able to supply.


With established partner and trading networks in China, we help our customers both regional and global secure reliable and efficient bunkering supply in Chinese ports at competitive pricing through local Chinese knowledge and relationships.

This is the list of China ports that BPSM is able to supply.


Based in Singapore, we have an in-house team of professionals throughout the supply chain together with expertise in cargo trading, we help ensure supply of the highest quality and our deliveries are Mass-Flow-Meter (MFM) certified


Risk Management Solutions

We provide comprehensive risk management solutions to our clients big or small. Our consultations help our clients protect the value of their portfolio in today’s volatile trading environment.


Our trigger pricing solutions allow customers to gain control and retain flexibility on their purchases and sales. This allows businesses to better manage their trading exposure without the need to utilise complex paper derivative products.

Our Marine Products

We provide the most widely used grades of bunker fuel consistent with the ISO 8217 global standard for our customers both regionally and globally.

Our extensive supply includes but is not limited to:

  • RMG 380 CST (3.5%S)
  • VLSFO (0.5%S)
  • RMG 180 CST
  • RMK 500 CST
  • RMK 700 CST
  • Marine Gas Oil (0.5%S)
  • Low Sulphur Marine Gas Oil (0.1%S)

We will deliver our products via ex-wharf and/or delivered through our extensive network and supply chain.

BP Sinopec Marine Fuels Pte Ltd

12 Marina Boulevard #35-01
MBFC Tower 3 Singapore 018982
Tel: +65 6804 9199 | Fax: +65 6804 9198

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